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Who are we?

About us

Our strengths

  • Our digital culture and our experience in training our clients’ teams and our employees..
  • Our vision for a solution that will be
    • adapted: developed involving the beneficiaries ;
    • industrialised: standardised, simple and scalable, taking into account local constraints ;
    • social: accessible to all, in all the territories where our endowment fund helps disadvantaged young people.
  • Our partnerships
    • in different countries, with ministries of education and local foundations;
    • in France, to recycle second-hand laptops.

Our convictions

Access to education and culture opens to knowledge and enables people to overcome the difficulties they may encounter at any stage of their lives.

Our teaching programme involves all the project stakeholders, with best practice sharing at national level in each country where our endowment fund operates.

We want to set up skills and means sponsorship on the long term to reduce disparity in knowledge and achieve a lasting impact on the lives of the children and young people we help.


Digital technology for knowledge and social inclusion


Our annual targets

  • Through relationships with ministries of education and local foundations
  • Thanks to our partners who donate second-hand laptops
  • Thanks to the presence of FEKRA Group and partnerships with ministries of education in different countries

Our plans

  • Lead projects of general interest in the education sector: carry out actions for the most disadvantaged children and young people in order to give them access to digital technology and improve their learning conditions.
  • Develop our partner network – public authorities, companies, internet service providers, etc. – to facilitate the deployment of our actions.
  • Offer help in environmental, health, social and economic emergencies…
  • Act in France and other countries, especially in Africa, depending on the needs identified.

  Address : 177 Av. Georges Clemenceau - 92000 Nanterre - France

  Email Address : contact@dh-foundation.org