In Rouen, at ARC Global Services, a young company specialising in business process outsourcing for the banking sector, employees can get involved in humanitarian actions. Driss Hazzaf, CEO, explains how.

“What does DH-Foundation do?

DH-Foundation is an endowment fund supported by the company which aims to facilitate knowledge and social inclusion through digital. We recycle and reformat second-hand laptops, then we install them in schools and colleges and teach young people about digital technology. We are mainly active in Africa at the moment, and soon in France.

Where do second-hand laptops come from?

Our customers are involved in this system because they give us some of the laptops. As for our employees, they are involved in the training of young people, but also, for some of them, in the organisation and monitoring of the operations to set up the computer rooms. Our employees are therefore very active within DH-Foundation.

Is it important for you to involve your employees?

Absolutely! At a time when many employees, especially young people, question the meaning of their work, and when social and environmental responsibility is increasingly integrated into the development of companies, our humanitarian action is an opportunity for commitment and recognition for our employees.

How do you encourage your employees to get involved into your humanitarian action?

Commitment and responsibility are part of our values. From the moment they join ARC Global Services, our employees are made aware of our CSR actions. Thus, those who choose to get involved in DH-Foundation feel partners of our actions in the same way as our donors and patrons. They know that they help to build a better future for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.”