Margaux Desvois, a Cassiopae Level-1 support consultant, has joined the DH-Foundation team as a volunteer. She tells us why.

“Margaux, why DH-Foundation?

I got involved in DH-Foundation because having the opportunity to help others has always been part of my values. Moreover, the mission of DH-Foundation fully matches my profile since I practice digital every day in my position.

What are the good reasons to get involved in DH-Foundation?

There are many good reasons to get involved. The first one and even the most important for me is the idea of making myself useful in helping people progress, in their personal, academic or professional lives. Thanks to DH-Foundation, young people can acquire skills for the present and the future, especially in IT, knowing that IT is an important part of our society.

The second reason is that this mission, as proposed by DH-Foundation, allows us to get out of our routine and connect with others, young people and volunteers. In our daily lives, we need to learn, help and share to progress. I think that volunteering is an experience that we should all have at least once in our lives… it has such a positive impact, even on the moral level! Without volunteers, life would be even more complicated for people in need. In our society it is important to help each other and that this mutual aid be done willingly.

Finally, this mission also allows me to practice activities that are not part of my job. In addition to helping young people who need it, I can learn or improve my skills in other IT activities.

What do you get out of these humanitarian actions?

It is satisfying to be able to help young people.

On a personal level, these are the actions that allow me to develop, learn about myself, get out of my comfort zone and above all, contribute to my well-being. How can’t you be happy about helping people?

And on a professional level, helping without expecting anything in return, and working with different people, allows more solidarity, empathy and also understanding at work.

In other words, these actions bring a lot of happiness to everyday life.”