Mohamed Lamghari, Business Support & BI Solution Project Manager, tells us why he got involved in DH-Foundation’s humanitarian action and how he lives this commitment.

Mohamed, why DH-Foundation?

I got involved with DH-Foundation simply because I wanted to give my time, help young people in any way, so introducing them to digital is an objective that means a lot to me.

What are the good reasons to get involved in DH-Foundation?

I am here for several good reasons! The first one is that being a volunteer makes me happy. Do you know that a number of studies have shown that volunteering has positive effects on well-being?

A second good reason is that sometimes you have to do things that you don’t normally do in your professional life, and this allows you to acquire and develop skills and passions. For example, video is a hobby but also a useful skill for field reports.

The third reason for my involvement is the desire to make things change and be aware that I have helped children. Even if you don’t see the results right away, in the long term we will realise how useful what we are doing for them is.

Fourthly, DH-Foundation is about being open to others. Thanks to this humanitarian action, I will meet a lot of people, the young people we help, but also other volunteers who may become friends or partners.

And finally, commitment gives meaning to my life. Today, there is a lot of talk about personal development, positive thinking and personal growth. This is really important for me and I hope for the other volunteers too.

the other volunteers too.

What do you get out of these humanitarian actions?

I get bonuses thanks to this commitment, the beneficiaries are very grateful, but also it helps me to progress personally, especially in terms of understanding and communication, and to develop values of humility and solidarity. Indeed, we all have this gift to be able to help others. Helping children in rural schools and training them makes me feel useful… it’s a lot of happiness!”